Saturday, June 03, 2006

Further Lessons In Humility

In an earlier post, I discussed creating an abstract class Node and extending it with either TestNode (for unit tests) or Facility Node (for the actual production code) in order to move some functionality related to facility network topology out of the Facility class. I was kind of proud of my accomplishment, especially when it came to me that I had implemented a kind of "mixin" inheritance in Java. However, a friend of mine blew my bubble by pointing out that a simpler implementation existed. Namely, just move the topology code into something like a NetworkTopologyUtils class as static methods. Hence, we have something like this:

public class NetworkTopologyUtils {
public static findLoop(Node n) { /*code goes here ... */ }
//more applicable methods below...

This is just as easy to test, and makes more sense, since the responsibility for finding loops no longer rests with a hard to pin down "Node" class. Now all that remains is to implement the Node interface (e.g. sendsTo) in Facility. For unit testing, one can just as easily write a TestNode class that also implements the Node interface.

What's the lesson here? For me, it's that I shouldn't fall in love with my own code. Also, I should not let my ingrained biases (against such static singleton classes for example) get in the way of putting together the right design. Finally, there's nothing wrong with keeping it simple. Simplicity is good. Even though my example wasn't a great one, I still do like mixins in Ruby though and think that Java should have implemented them (not to mention C#)! :)

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