Saturday, March 31, 2007

Renovation Cost Overruns

I was listening to CBC radio today and they were talking about renovations. It turns out that the average cost of a renovation in Canada is about $5000 and the average cost overrun is 88%! I don't know about other people out there, but I tend to be somewhat ashamed of the poor track record software projects have - they always seem to be late and over budget and more buggy than one would like. It's kind of comforting to note that ours is not the only industry where such things happen. If I were hiring someone to do a renovation, I'd definitely implement the plan as a Scrum project, getting fresh estimates on a regular basis and tracking progress against the original estimate. I'd also have multiple "releases" i.e. I'd make sure one job was competed in its entirety before I agreed to go ahead with the next one.

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